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Our mission statement is to provide effective tools to assist Attorneys and their staff.

In 2013 Robert and Tammy Branson were instructing approximately 200 Attorneys and their staff in South Florida on how to modify mortgages through Bankruptcy Loss Mitigation programs. They met John Henneberger, an Attorney and Engineer as well as an expert with PDF Forms.  He asked the Branson’s why they were using pen and paper to qualify debtors for loan modifications. Quite frankly the Branson’s did not know there was another way.

Together they formed B&H Legalforms and have created a Qualification Analysis form to provide an essential tool for firms to effectively assist borrowers in modifying mortgages.

Our forms will guide you step by step to see if your client’s qualify for the various loan modification programs being offered. Our unique form was designed by a team of loan modification specialists that have worked on hundreds of loan modifications. The form was designed to follow each step to take in seeing if your clients’ qualify for a loan modification. We have taken accumulated vast knowledge and condensed it to one form that is easy to use and will reduce the time you need to spend on each file for qualification.

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